Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sweet! Chart and Pattern

A cute, fast Easter knit. A sweet little marshmallow chick.

Free PDF here.

Copyright © by Susan Mrenna 2007 Knit A Little
Sample knit by Ang.
One ball of cotton yarn, size 7 needles Cast on 40 Stitches K = knit, p = purl.

Row 1-13 and all odd rows) knit all stitches
Row 14) k16, p8, k16
Row 16) k13, p14, k13
Row 18) k11, p18, k11
Row 20) k9, p22, k9
Row 22) k8, p7, (k1, p1) 4X, k1, p8, k8
Row 24) k7, p6, k1, p11, k1, p7, k7
Row 26) k6, p5, k1, p15, k1, p5, k7
Row 28) k6, p3, k1, p18, k1, p5, k6
Row 30) k6, p2, k1, p20, k1, p4, k6
Row 32) k6, p1, k1, p21, k1, p3, k7
Row 34) k8, p19, k3, p2, k8
Row 36) k10, p16, k14
Row 38) k13, p13, k14
Row 40) k15, p11, k14
Row 42) k15, p6, k1, p4, k14
Row 44) k15, p1, k2, p8, k14
Row 46) k17, p7, k16
Row 48) k15, p7, k18
Row 50-60) knit all stitches

Bind off and weave in ends.

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